Tokyo BISH Bash

Tokyo Based Innovative Signal Hackers Bash

Group Description

Tokyo BISH Bash (Tokyo Based Innovative Signal Hackers Bash) は、東京における、音声・音響・信号処理に関するエンジニア・研究者のためのミートアップです。
San Franciscoで開催されている BISH Bash ( )と連携しています。

Tokyo BISH Bash (Tokyo Based Innovative Signal Hackers Bash) is a meetup for engineers and researchers related to speech, acoustics and signal processing in Tokyo.
It is held in conjunction with the BISH Bash in San Francisco ( ).
We are planning to hold networking events several times a year to connect engineers, researchers, and companies, focusing on various talks related to speech, acoustics, and signal processing.
Let's exchange new ideas, prototypes, and thoughts, and deepen our relationship!


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